The Spirit of Water represents the flow of sacred energies that pass through body, mind & spirit. We bring these energies alive in each person through the process of blessing water either through word reminders or through the gifts we introduce on our site. When you bless yourself with a particular intention, you are also sharing that blessing potential with the whole world.

Your reusable Water Bottle becomes a Sacred Altar
when you anoint it with Water Blessing Labels®.

Water Bottle Examples

We would like to see fewer plastic water bottles in the ocean, in rivers, lakes, or beaches. We would like to see healthy creatures who eat from the food chain, not from the garbage chain. We encourage you to help the whole world by using a sacred water bottle and filling it with your blessings. We sell two types, but you can purchase a special bottle anywhere. Keep it forever, and change your blessings as often as you want.

We do more than sell labels and gifts...

About Shara, visionary artist & creator of Water Blessing Labels.