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Water Blessing Labels & Other Inspired Products for Personal Growth

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Being near or in water can pull the stress from us, inspire creativity and draw us closer to those we love.
Using water for blessings can promote compassion and empathy.
Research shows that the unmistakable feelings of awe and wonder we get when we think of water
can enhance our blessings and make us happier and healthier.

Many BLessings Description
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What is a Blessing?
It can often bring a wave of change.

A blessing is a thought or wish we have for ourselves or others. It comes from a generous inspired heart and enhances the spirit of giving. It can be invoked or transmitted through words, prayers, or intention. When we cast a blessing, we create a vibrational portal through which our intentions can flow freely and manifest in many forms. The energy that goes into casting a blessing will determine its outcome. Some of them may begin as a powerful personal wish, or a wish sent to you by another. We have no control when cosmic connections will be made or how dreams will be fulfilled; but we do know that Water Blessing Labels offer motivation and inspiration for new blessings to form as we hope for the outcomes we cherish most in our lives. Visit our Blessing Store and find the right blessing words to express your deepest wishes. They are surely there among the 33 themed collections.

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Spiritual & Eco Water Awareness
We are living on a blue planet

Many peoplethink of the earth as being green. In fact, 80% of the earth's surface is water. Life cannot exist without water. Since humans are also 80% water, we have a personal interest in developing physical and spiritual water wisdom. Learning to be aware of water and its influence on our lives and health will open spiritual pathways to higher consciousness. Water awareness has a powerful effect on our brain. We feel better, think better, and live better when we include water in our lives through recreation, rejuvenation, or religion. This phenomenon is called "Blue Mind" by scientists and brain researchers. Their new research indicates those who spend more time in or around water live betterand healthier lives overall.

Water has a consciousness that is shared by billions of beings on the planet. As humans continue to pollute and mis-manage water, we alter the lives of billions of other organisms as well as altering our own physical and emotional health. The quality of our lives comes to a fundamental reality. It is completely tied to the quality of water we consume. Can we possibly continue to pollute our water knowing we also poison ourselves? Most people don’t even think about water in that way. We hope humans can learn to "Think Blue” and use the “Blue Mind” to change mass consciousness. In truth, we are water and water is us, and it is up to us protect our precious resource forever. When you bless water, you are blessing yourself. We have created 3 water blessing collections that enhance a new awareness of water and earth. ikt is no exaggeration to say when you strengthen your relationship with the earth, you also strengthen your life force energy exponentially.

Clean Oceans


ripple poolPeace be with you... peace be in you.

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