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These static cling decals stick to many smooth surfaces and last forever

All blessing collections were designed and produced by Shara Gardner and small independent USA suppliers
100% Re-Usable and Recyclable Free shipping within USA

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Transform Your Water With Liquid Prayers™

Our Mission is to Spread Spiritual Water Awareness Through Gratitude, Peace and Love.

We do this by Offering Blessings for the Water, Ourselves and Each Other.

Water forms the core of all existence, as well as the continuity of all life; it composes the majority of our physical body, cleanses, and replenishes us. Spiritual traditions have long recognized the sacred purity of the elemental cornerstone of all life, and its ability to carry positive energies and blessings across vast distances. At The Spirit of Water, we celebrate water’s amazing ability to promote both spiritual and personal growth and awareness, and want to share its benefits through inspirational gifts and blessings.

For over a decade, The Spirit of Water has been enriching people’s lives through the philosophy and scientific research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has dedicated his career to adapting classical Japanese spiritual practices to the western world in order to achieve a broader worldview, and help others learn the healing benefits of centuries of elemental wisdom. 

Continue to explore the site for more information on our philosophy, blessings, and the mystic qualities of sacred water, and browse our vast selection of inspirational gifts that promote love, happiness, and healing.

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