A New Understanding of Ancient Symbols



We have reached new understandings about how water is affected by words, prayers and ideas, as discovered and publicized by Masaru Emoto in the last decade. On a broad scale, it makes perfect sense that an energy as vast as water would have a consciousness that responds, not only to spoken or prayed words or ideas, but to graphic pictures representing ideas -- ancient symbols. Our Sacred Symbol Collection was born from this possibility.

We knew we were on the right track in developing a set of water blessing labels as symbols rather than words because the meanings of the symbols encompass more than one focused idea. The development of the idea through time, or the tradition/lineage of the idea, has been amplified with the additional power of each generation who has understood the symbol and used it consistently in sacred ways. Most symbols we see today have been in known existence for hundreds of thousands of years. With such a powerful lineage, sacred symbols carry not only the prayers and thoughts of whomever may use them on a water glass today, but also the power of millions of people who have used them in the past. Of course, basic ideas never change, however life circumstances have changed dramatically since some of these symbols came into being. Most are timeless messages from our ancestors and still are valid today.

The spiral means more than inward or outward motion. It also means that life spirals in ever-expanding circles but eventually returns to the womb of creation. Honoring and understanding that concept imparts a perspective on life that cannot be replicated by any doctrine. It is a concept that must be felt. The spiral, when placed on water, there manifests in consciousness, a respectful acknowledgement of the journey all beings take when they incarnate on the Earth. We are one. We share the same path. We can experience compassion because we are doing the same thing. The ancients knew this when they scribed the spiral into stones and carved it on wood. They knew they were communicating an idea at the level of the subconscious that would acknowledge and honor all life. They were communicating "Oneness."

In the opening scenes of "The Da Vinci Code," the movie based on the mega-bestselling book by Dan Brown, his main character, Robert Langdon gives a lecture about the significance of Sacred Symbols and connects them to the restoration of the Sacred Feminine. Scanning over the huge backdrop of symbols on the big screen, I recognized some of the symbols we have put into our Sacred Symbol Collection. We chose them for their spiritual importance and the lineage of their positive ideals but not to represent specific doctrine or dogmatic religions. When we place one of these symbols on our water, we feel the connection to millions of ancestors who walked upon the Earth and understood the same thing we understand today.

The six-pointed star or Star of David didn't make it into our first collection, but is in our soon-to-be-released collection. It wasn't until we heard "Da Vinci Code" character Robert Langdon explain its significance that we understood why the star was adopted by a religion that honors balance and equality among men and women. Hebrews use the six pointed star as their religious icon, but its more ancient lineage imbues the symbol with the joining of two other hugely important symbols... the chalice and the blade. The chalice, or inverted triangle is the symbol for the Sacred Feminine, the womb, the pubic triangle. The Blade is the upward pointing triangle representing the sacred masculine, the penetrator of life, the phallus. When overlayed, they become the 6 pointed star -- one of the oldest symbols of balance, equality and blended independence. Dan Brown and the creators of the movie, "The Da Vinci Code" did not underestimate the power of sacred symbology. Indeed, symbols are the oldest form of language on earth. As the movie continues to emphasize the importance of symbols, we modern humans have been given another look at a revived language we can use in our communication with the Divine when the words of man fail.

The Goddess had been honored and revered for millions of years, but that changed sometime roughly 15,000 years ago. Until the advent of agriculture, a time, historically when humans purportedly were banished from the metaphorical Garden of Eden and were forced to make their own way in life, The Sacred Feminine was a living icon in the lives of the people who credited their survival because of Her blessings. Food, water, and nurturance was bestowed by the Goddess until a time when the concept of divinity changed and women were no longer seen as divine providers. And yet, the Goddess symbol continues to invoke ancient memories of a time when the Sacred Feminie was present in men and women, and all lived in balance because of the offerings that emerged from Her womb. Our Luna Goddess symbol conjures ancient feelings about the mystery of life, the abundance of life force energy through the path of the Sacred Feminine, and the connection of the universe from the moon, the stars and the sun to the microcosms inside our bodies. To put all of this into our water is to drink the waters of wisdom that is vastly more powerful than anything that could be picked off an apple tree.

Dan Brown's genius is that he understands the workings and the power of memes. A meme is a powerful idea that is carried by a simple phrase or icon, where the meaning is understood by all immediately. Our symbols are meme carriers, holding the energy of the ideas that emerged in ancient times and still have significance today. To scan the list of our symbols, you will see the highest of ideals and principles: The Sacred Feminine, Balance, Equality, Energy, Respect, Unfolding Consciousness, Compassion, Body, Mind & Spirit, The eb of Life. "The Da Vinci Code" movie has made these symbols visible to a generation of humans who had overlooked the depth of their power in classifying them as arcane, superstitious, satanic, or mysterious. In fact, Sacred Symbols have been feared because of the power they carry, however, it is the power of time, history, consistency, and supreme wisdom, and is not to be feared. To modern thinkers who want to forget about their past and deal with future new ideas, the sacred language of symbology is lost. But to those who value the wisdom of their elders, the true religion of the earth - Oneness, and the power of communication, Sacred Symbols are synonomous with divinity.