Chakra Rights Altar Candles & Stones

Knowing our Chakra Rights has empowered thousands of people to connect their well being to their rightful status in the universe. A simple practice is to use color, minerals or stones, and fire (candles) to enhance knowledge. This creates a highly effective vibration to enhance each body energy center or chakra center. Keep this candle set on an altar and use it for gazing or meditation. This alone will expand your consciousness and the power of the chakra vibrations. You can use one or more candles or stones together to create a healing medicine formula for your particular energy work. Some like to use colored candles in ceremony. Creating a chakra healing bath has great benefits, and it is explained in this link: Color Healing Bath. This set works with the Spirit of Water and the spirit of the cosmos to help bring us into balanced alignment. A personal "Blue Mind" ceremony would use the blue candles for 5th & 6th Chakras with the corresponding stones. This chakra boost will impart a deeper connection to water and its universal healing power.

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