Journal or Sketchbook Set for Private Contemplations

Two casebound journals are perfect shelf mates to keep your sacred writings in one place. Use them for spell work, sketching visions, writing insights, dream journals, and personal goals. Make a gratitude journal of one and a blessing journal for the other. So many ways to use two. Take these books with you. They can travel easily in a purse or backpack. Inside the covers are storage pockets for Water Blessings, photos, notes, or cards. Each book comes with an elastic page holder band to keep your book open flat as you contemplate your thoughts. The band also acts as a bookmark. You can embellish your book using markers, paint, stickers, or photos. Our Journal Book Sets feature one book in Ocean Turquoise and the other in Deep Sea Navy in honor of our love for the ocean and her colors.

Right now we offering a free 4" Healing Water Sticker with your purchase of the 2-Book set. (A $3.50 value). The sticker depicts the five most healing words that can be used when blessing water. The original art is by Bryon Allen and features a mystical ocean wave, and a crystalline form, the very crystal form discovered by Dr. Emoto when he researched the cellular structure of water molecules that received those words. You can use it as a window sticker, or apply it to your book cover.  (made by Mandala Arts.)


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