Sacred Breath of Hawaii

These blessings are only available in Grey Ink at this time in keeping with the tradition of the whispered word, the breathy utterance, that is more powerful on the outgoing breath than a fully powered spoken word.

All awareness begins and ends with the breath. In Oceanian, Polynesian, Hawaiian, and other sacred nature-based spiritual practices, the breath is the connecting bridge to divine spirit. We start by focusing on the breath to calm the energy of the moment. We center ourselves and ground to the earth, to the spirit of the place, and to our ancestors as we remember the lineage that precedes our lives. The breath or “Ha” in this tradition is recognized as sacred. It signifies the union between two souls meeting on the deepest level. In marriage, friendship, or other forms of love,  we open and close our connection with a ritual of "Ha." Considering your path of service here on earth, we offer our energy for highest good. Feel the unification of your heart, vision and intention. This is the power of the Sacred Breath connecting you to all time.

This collection is only available in Dove Grey and it is most used on cobalt blue bottles that contain water blessed by the sun. See Solar Blue Bottles.