8D Crystal Clear Dice Sets of 5

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8D dice represents power and strength, which are often linked to money, luck, and prosperity! The 8D dice also has the added benefit of its shape, the octahedron. It features 8 equal triangle shapes, 4 of which meet at each corner. It is a foundational shape of the flower of life and the metatron. This is the traditional shape of the diamond, a precious rare crystal. The magic of the number 8 in numerology is said to give you the power to achieve your life goals. The number 8 has a larger-than-life energy that gives abundance without limits. The diamond shape is said to connect heart and mind in multiple junctions. When rolling the 8-sided dice, you will find positive power in each face. I used them for a Witch's Pyramid Game in which the 8 steps of the witch’s ladder to the top were chosen by rolling the 8-sided dice. I hope you enjoy the magic in these high quality dice. They have a sturdy hand feel with smooth edges and feel very good in the hand.