Shamanic Journey Log for Trips to Other Worlds

Shamanic journey work is enlightening and informative. Often we come back into ordinary reality with messages we need to jot down. This set of 3 Journey Logs in Turquoise, Grey, and Black provides a supply for the shelf which you are sure to use and keep. Each log book is lightweight, easy to keep under a pillow or in a bag, and offers plenty of lined pages for extensive writings. Most practicing shamans or mystics write their insights immediately upon their return, and then read it back later for deeper understanding. 

Keep track of any spells you craft, or affirmations that help you transform. Keep your book under your pillow for deeper psychic expansion while you sleep. Enhances dreams, too.

This set comes embellished with a precious seashell, a stick of Palo Santo, and an Energy Stone to enhance your spirit work.