Pendulum Kit

Take your pendulum with you in pocket or purse without chipping or breaking it. Choose a pendulum you like and place it in this adorable pocket pouch. Inside there are two pockets, one for the pendulum and another for the pendulum oracle card or stash a credit card, money, or keys. You can even put a water blessing label of your choice on the face of the card and carry your blessings with you. Tuck it in your pocket while you find a beautiful natural spot. Then divine your future or answer your most urgent questions using the power of the pendulum and the natural spirits around you.

Pouch measures 4.25" x 3.25" Made of Rayon Batik in a turquoise water flow design. Fully lined and padded with polyester fill. Sweet turquoise beads accent the sides and the snap closure.

Handmade by Gladwin Arts expressly for The Spirit of Water. 

Pouch is sold separately or with your choice of pendulum for a great combo discount.

Shown with Golden Moonstone Pendulum