Baby Blessings


Use blessing labels for baby' feeding bottle or feeding system. Place on mirrors, windows, warming beds, cribs, etc. These positive messages create an energy field that surrounds baby like a warm blanket and are a constant reminder that your precious infant is nurtured by positive loving thoughts. 

Apply directly to any smooth surface. When surfaces are rough or bumpy, use the cling bottle wrap to encircle the bottles. Put the individual labels on the underside of the band and then apply the entire band to the bottle.

Inside the package are baby prayers and blessings to use and share with your sweet infant.


Customer Testimonials

“I bought some for myself a couple of years ago, and then they disappeared when I wanted to give some to my girlfriend. I am glad you brought them back. I enjoyed using mine for over a year. Now I put the blessings on food jars or larger containers. They are still perfect."
Elizabeth M., Santa Monica, CA