Spirit Tassels

A tassel represents enlightenment and opening the third eye.
The threads represent the strands of our lives that begin in the cosmos and fall into our earthly realm. 

Our beautiful Spirit Tassels were created for us exclusively by Jodi Menard, an Oregon lamp work glass artist and ceramic clay sculptress. She made each of our sacred tassels with a slightly different orientation using her own custom-flamed glass beads. Each heart bead includes 3 colors of glass, white swirls, and waves flamed into the glass. They represent LOVE OF WATER. The tassel also features two hand-flamed round beads. These are all works of art, and works of Spirit.

The caps of these tassels represent our cranium where cosmic knowledge is transferred into the brain/mind. The caps are ornaments, sculpt in polymer clay, and beautifully painted.  Each tassel is slightly different from all others, as our gifted artist honors the individuality of each living spirit with her own creative spirit.

The ombre color effect of the silk strands represents the nature of water. These are sacred "water falls" that hang in your windows, on door handles, cabinets, or above your altar. The long tassel is 13" from silver loop, and the short one is 10". The sterling silver findings on the top of the tassels allow for any hanging ribbon or cord of your choice, but we chose a few strands of decorative trim to hang the tassels, of course in our signature colors... shades of blue. 

These are exclusive works of art and only available in small quantities. Each one takes the artist many hours to produce, and no special orders can be honored. But, for now, enjoy the beauty of these beautiful spirit tassels and add one to your life. I have used tassels for over 20 years and find the power of spirit is evident in the room where I have mine hanging. 


Prices include priority shipping and special gift handling.

See Jodi's other artistic creations at: http://www.beadworx.com