Mojo Pouch with Healing & Psychic Stones

Price includes Shipping - These ultra soft, deer skin pouches carry your personal "good medicine" objects - like special stones, crystals, pendulum, herbs, or tiny vials of oils.  Whatever has meaning for you can be kept close at hand in your Ocean Spirit Mojo Pouch.

We give credit to the power of the Pacific Ocean in creating this shamanizing tool for inner sight. Mother Ocean played an important role in helping us locate the right powerful stones to fill this bag. She guided us until we found the right stones glistening in the surf with the right spirit inclusions. Each stone we laid eyes on had been tumbled in the surf for millennia until that day we walked the Surfline and gathered the stones that spoke to us most clearly. Bringing our treasures back to the workshop, the stones were tumbled and polished giving each specimen its own fascinating beauty as it appeared while it was wet in the surf.  Pouring our love into the process, each stone carries its own mojo. Your pouch and stones will instantly lend power to everything you do. We include a description of each stone and its properties.

The ultra soft deer leather makes this pouch desirable to hold and wear as a medicine bag in the pocket or using a neck cord as a pendant. It is embellished on the front with a tiny quartz crystal point, and inside you will find a 4-5 of those tumbled Pacific Ocean power stones that include a random gathering of agate, jasper, quartz, jade, marble, chalcedony, aventurine and more.

The deer skin mojo bag has been crafted by a wife and husband team, giving each one special care and love.The bag measures 1/34" x 2" and has matching leather drawstring closure. The opening is slightly tapered, measuring 1 ¼" across.

Available in the colors shown, pick your favorite and make magic now.