Tide Pool Collection of Ocean Power Stones

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Tiny Tide Pools filled with ocean treasures are wondrous special places. They provide safety for new life to incubate. Your wishes and dreams can also grow when casting them into your personal tide pool. Use it as a blessing bowl. Use it to hold sacred stones and shells. Hand coiled, hand sewn silk basket/bowl comes with a "splash" of silk threads spilling over the side to represent the merging of energies within and without. This Tide Pool comes with semi-precious tumbled stones, tiny seashells, sea glass, and other mystic totems. We include a small pad of blessing paper you can use to create wishing scrolls. Place your handwritten blessing scrolls among the treasures and trust the power of water to carry your dreams out to sea where they can manifest and return on the incoming tide. This handmade gift comes from the artistic stylings of Gladwin Arts in Belfair, WA, made specially for The Spirit of Water.

• 50 Sheets of Blessing Paper
• Random stones and shells collected by hand from the Ocean
• Totem Charms