Water Altar Ritual Bowl

Bormioli Rocco Murano Bowl, Small, Blue, 5" Diameter x 2"

The free-flowing, cobalt blue swirl detail of the small Murano bowl is sure to enhance all your water spirit work at your altar and beyond. Each blue flare is different on each bowl. 

This glassware is produced by a very famous Italian glass foundry since 1825. These bowls are in big demand in the small size, 5".  They are hard to get, but we have acquired 2 dozen for our mystic water practitioners. The bowl is clear rippled glass texture, except for a deep, dense, splash of cobalt blue that starts at the bottom and moves upward on the bowl. In using it for ceremony or ritual, the mystic blue color activates the part of our brain that also responds to love, joy, and pleasure -- our blue mind. 

Fill it with water, and use it on your altar for prayer, holy water, or cleansing some of your stones or crystals. Create a blessing bowl by placing a candle in the center and filling around it with stones, crystals or other precious items. This glass is tough enough to tolerate normal washing and handling. Use it for eating if you like the way it holds energy for you.

Put in your bag with other ritual items and take it with you when you go out in nature to do your ceremonies. It comes with a dark blue velvet pouch.