Water Divination Gift Set

This set contains everything a water mystic needs to practice blessing spells and water divination.  Although it is a "starter" set, nothing in this gift is superficial or appropriated. Booklets, cards, herbs, spells, and designs are by Shara Gardner, a practicing mystic for decades. Using her knowledge of mysticism, she created a set that is specifically created to work with water and water spirits, gear toward the new witches who are just learning how to work with water.

Use the custom made porcelain (for purity) pinch pot to stir your "calling" herbs to release the right aroma while calling the spirits. (Original herbal blend divined by Shara, and blended for The Spirit of Water by Sacred Star Apothecary.) The herb jar comes with a "seashell" spoon for putting herbs in the pinch pot. Burn the Palo Santo stick in the small abalone shell for smudging the space. Choose a card from the deck and learn the rhyming spell, which are very powerful. Carry the deck in your pocket using a metal keyring or loose. (your choice). Your mirror and tassel are part of the divination practice. The blue scrying mirror transports us to another dimension. The tassel "whips up" spirit energy to create a rapid result. Set up your altar using the silk cloth to symbolize the deep ocean of mystery and magic. All directions and rhymes are included both on the cards and inside the book.

Your set contains:
• 28-page Rhyming Spell Book
• Pocket Spell Oracle Deck with 18 Cards
• Mystic Blue Scrying Mirror + Acrylic Clear Altar Stand
• Divination Tassel
• Pocket Wand, Blue painted wood and copper wire spiral
• Herb Pinch Pot + 2 oz. of Mystic Blend Calling Herbs in glass container
• Abalone Shell for burning herbs
• Palo Santo Stick Incense
• Spell Candle + Ceramic Holder
• Blue Silk Altar Cloth