Blessings-In-A-Box Tiny Altar™

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This Tiny Altar™ is just as powerful as a full sized altar, and in some ways even more so. Carry it with you, or set it up in a small, hidden place so only you can see it. Discrete with no visible branding, use it on a desk, in your car, window sill, counter top.  The elements contained in this tin have been blessed with a spiritual charge from the ocean. 

Your box contains 8 Water Blessing Labels, chosen to share with others or use for yourself. Remember to visualize water when you cast your blessings, sending them everywhere. You will also find 2 tiny glass vials and a supply of rice paper. You can write a special blessing in pencil on the rice paper, roll it up tight around the stylus, and slide it into place inside the vial. Roll up up other blessings to place in the abalone shell and keep on your altar, add to it daily, or release them into water. Rice paper dissolves in water, and is not harmful to living organisms. 

The Clear Quartz Pendulum assists you in divining your blessing work. Ask a question, get an answer. Use the Rose Quartz heart to charge your blessings with love and compassion. The quartz crystal chips radiate a constant state of connection, love, and balance. 

Inside the tin you will find:
• 2" Base Mirror to reflect your power
• Quartz Crystal Pendulum to divine your answers
• Quartz Crystal Chips
 to activate the power of life & connection
• 1/2" Rose Quartz Puffy Heart to vibrate the essence of love
• Sand Dollar Pocket Blessing to resonate blessings at all times
• 2 Glass Vials to create messages in a bottle
• Wooden Stylus to roll up tiny blessings
• Tiny Abalone Shell to contain rolled up blessings or wishes
• Sheets of Rice Paper for blessings
• 8 Water Blessing Labels