Transform Health and Healing

When we feel there is something physically or emotionally wrong, we seek medical advice and treatment; but the truth is, all healing happens using our own power and determination. Besides the natural processes of aging, all bodies eventually wither and die even at a young age if not nourished and supported with good food, good thoughts, and good love.

A doctor cannot tell us how to love ourselves. A medical practitioner can only tell us what medicine or therapy works to stop our symptoms or reverse them. This is rarely a true, deep healing. We must decide if we will follow advice and rely on it for our healing-- or will we listen to our inner wisdom for deep, organic, cellular healing?

Each package is a work of art and devotion by Shara Gardner, who is deeply inspired by the power of water and spirit. Her inspirational writing on the back and full blessing descriptions inside create a spiritual chapter in the process of awakening. A free Bottle Wrap Band is included in each package. Use this clear static cling band to wrap around containers with rough surfaces so your blessing labels have a smooth surface on which to adhere.