Water Bottles & Adornments


We believe we can enhance the possibilities of personal growth when we bless our drinking water with healing and transformative energies. Since most of us carry a water bottle wherever we go, we like to think of the bottle as a canvas upon which to display our intentions, blessings, and artistic expression.

The bottles we feature are made of glass because glass is one of the most inert materials known and will not change the water molecules as plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. Pure glass is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and, while it does require more care, it has a very pleasant mouth feel when drinking. For all these reasons, we believe your water bottle should be chosen as consciously as you choose the sacred objects on your altars. 

When creating a blessing altar or intention altar, your water bottle can become the constant vibration that goes everywhere with you. The vibrations instilled in our water remains true and powerful, not degraded or influenced by the container. 

The practice of decorating our most constant companion – our water bottle can become a sacred practice, or a whimsical artistic expression. Choose the elements you wish to see everyday. Use a combination of jewelry and Water Blessing Labels to set the vibrations and intentions. Consider bottle wraps to carry a specific message. Beautify your moveable altar. Have fun decorating yours. Here are some ideas:

Use bracelets, necklaces, bands and stickers... see photos below for my personal favorite water bottles. We also listed some of our products that work well for this expression.