Gayatri Yantra

©2007, Original Art Created by Shara Gardner for The Spirit of Water - All Rights Reserved



This modern rendition of the ancient Gayatri Yantra symbol uses all of the sacred elements of traditional mantras, but also adds the graphic enhancement of radiant sound. All elements together represent the illumined mind and far-sighted wisdom as it has traveled through time and space on the voices of cosmic sound frequencies. The symbol transmits a full understanding of the Vedic words and sounds of the Gayatri Mantra which comprises the most powerful of all Vedic affirmations. Using this symbol is said to enhance consciousness and diminishes the possibility of making wrong choices in life by empowering all truth above all else. The Mantra vocalizes complex and cosmic wisdom about all earth elements, plants, trees, animals, insects, fishes and birds, making an understanding of the whole life creation. The Yantra enhances the ability to sharpen one's intellect and spiritual awareness without using any of the words, but aligning with the deepest meanings.


Used on water, The Gayatri Yantra carries the harmonic resonance of the wisdom of all life. On a larger, universal scale, the use of the Gayatri Mantra with the sacred symbol, the Gayatri Yantra, representing a complete understanding of those enlightened sounds, words, visions, and truths as they radiate vast and powerful knowledge to all beings.