Aphrodite's Mirror Blessing Set & 17 oz. Bottle

Aphrodite, A Greek Goddess, was believed to have been a most beautiful woman who rarely focused on her beauty, preferring instead to focus on loving, doing right, and providing a model for women everywhere.

This set was created with an eye for inner and outer beauty, using metallic gold ink on the blessing labels. The extra large writings wrap perfectly around your bottle or mug, or use them on your mirror or computer. Let the gentle reminders reinforce your natural feminine power. This set is a great boost for women who are unsure of their beauty and/or changing or aging. Aphrodite's messages are pure and positive. The beautiful amethyst drink bottle is a double-wall flask that retains cold or hot beverages at their temperature for up to 24 hours. A beautiful natural Citrine Gem Stone Necklace encircles the top of the bottle with a small golden mirror charm and spirit tassel. They help focus your blessings as you drink.

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Venus, Aphrodite's counterpart in Roman mythology, was considered to be the Goddess of Love, with all the same attributes, but with more sassy spunk and emphasis on sexuality and sensuous pursuits. See Venus Spirit Water Blessing Labels.