Aphrodite's Mirror Blessings

These mirror labels will also work when wrapped around a water bottle.

The set offers 9 amazing beauty secrets, just as Aphrodite herself lived and shared. This goddess learned how to transform her beauty into earthly virtues the hard way, according to legend; but women today don't have to do that. We can use our wise insights to help us balance our lives and walk in beauty in many ways, mostly from the inside out.

Put these blessing labels on mirrors, shower doors, windows, tiles, or wrap around a bottle or glass. Use your mirror to see truth and beauty in yourself each day and share your radiant glow with the world.

If you are working through body image transformations or in the process of embracing a new identity, this collection of affirmations will most definitely plant positive seeds of personal power and confidence as you welcome new possibilities. It all begins by looking into the mirror...

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For feminization or other body/beauty concerns, visit this great resource website: http://feminizationsecrets.com/transgender-resources/

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Customer Testimonials

“Beauty is such a hot topic and one that most women don't really understand. I like that you have created a collection of words and phrases that speak to the ordinary beauties we forget about when we think of our appearance. Real beauty is so much more than a cover-girl face."
Lakshmi S., Ojai, CA

"Thank you so much for bringing this collection back. As a TG woman, I have looked elsewhere for this kind of emotional support for a couple of years, but haven't found what you offer, which is a spiritual and inspirational model of beauty. I am so glad I got one of your first test editions. It made a huge difference in my confidence. I love using these affirmations to enhance my inner feelings of beauty."
Blanca M., Los Gatos, CA

"I have used my mirror labels for a few years. These messages never get stale. I feel I have grown and matured into a beautiful person by realizing my beauty glows from inside. Thank you for that gift."
Tracy W., San Francisco, CA