Aqua Glass Water Bottle

16 oz. Recycled Glass Bottle

Finally, a beautiful aqua glass bottle that was practically designed for Water Blessing Labels. This is a "blank canvas" upon which to create your own unique blessing decor to enhance your altar or to take along. Use it as your water container. Make your own Florida Water or essential oil magical blend. This bottle holds it gracefully. The swing top closure is easy to open and close. No loose cap to protect.

The gentle aqua green color is made from recycled glass and was molded in Italy. The heavy glass walls are strong and safe, and the mouth feel is comfortable and smooth. At the shoulders of the bottle, gentle ripples remind us of the beauty of flowing water.

Encircling the center is an indented space where water blessing labels or bands or bracelets can be applied Use the indent to encircle the bottle with Rune Symbols or Sacred Geometry. It makes a very mystical look. That indent also provides a very comfortable grip space. Encircle your bottle with your favorite blessing labels or add jewelry. See Bottle Wrap This bottle is great to decorate, making it a graceful display for your creativity. Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean. Of all my water bottles (and I have about 20, this is my VERY FAVORITE ONE!) The photos show ways you can embellish your bottle using jewelry or water blessings.