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For many years, The Spirit of Water has published original inspirational writings for each blessing category. We edited the best pieces of wisdom from our product histories of Water Blessing Labels since we first began, 2003.  Along with life experience and mindful observations, Shara created useful blessing guides that are simple to read, and quick. No need for fluff. These booklets get right to the heart of the matter. The messages are inspirational and artwork adds interest. Great as a gift. Pair with the companion blessing labels, or buy all 5 together as a set. All are full color 5.5"x8.5" and with a self-cover printed on glossy paper. All designs and writing was done by Shara Gardner.

Chakra Blessings & Rights - In addition to all the other attributes we know of the Chakras, there are also rights that are implied when the chakra is balanced and powerful – and when it's not. Those rights are available to anyone, and if you know about them, it is easier to understand how beneficial it is to our body, mind, and spirit health when we live within the rights of all humans. Learn your optimal balance, practice keeping your chakras balanced, and become more empowered.

The Mystery of the Fifth Chakra - The Throat Chakra is the chakra level where both body awareness and spiritual awareness open the gateway to the higher chakras. Through sound, and communication, the Fifth Chakra balances body health, but also vibrational influences. I have named the Fifth Chakra the Transcendent Passage because it allows energy to flow fully in all directions but especially when we wish to transcend our earth-based experiences for more spiritual/metaphysical expressions. Learn about your Fifth Chakra and open the mystery.

Moon Magic - The Power of Moon Phases cannot be emphasized enough. This booklet explains the influence the phases have on our health and wellbeing as well as the mystical and magical power they provide. If you are learning about the phases, and their power on our personal magic, this booklet will become a necessary companion for all your workings.

The Way of the Muse - We all have the ability to become phenomenal creators in any discipline we choose. Most of us don't know it, and think creativity is a struggle. This booklet explains the power of the inner muse, and how we can access and harness that power for our creative growth. Most of the highly accomplished individuals in the world have identified their inner muse, as well as external muses who have helped them reach their highest goals. 

Water Divination - Learn how to create magic spells and blessings using processes described in this booklet. Water is a miracle on its own. Pair it with your magical intentions, and water becomes a divine tool for transformation. This booklet covers the use of rhyming spells, some of the most powerful energies known. When we rhyme our spells, we are quadrupling their effectiveness, firstly because of the cadence of the rhyme, secondly because of speaking it out loud, and thirdly because of the absolute focus and attention give to a rhyme.