Blue Marble Pendulum

Blue Marble Pendulum

The Blue Mind Marble Pendulum

Rock stars, presidents, kids, scientists, artists, explorers, eco-celebrities, teachers, business leaders...even the Dalai Lama and the Pope have received plain blue marbles by water activists and water protectors to remind them of the importance of clean water on the planet. 

More than divination, our marble adds extra resonance to your practice
Our plain blue silver wire-wrapped glass marble symbolizes our interconnection to each other and the our personal connection with the waters of the world. Just think...  one drop of water returned to the ocean washes back on many shores. Let the sun shine through your pendulum. That glow of blue light reminds us of being in the deep sea. The radiance of that beautiful blue illumination penetrates consciousness and sustains a Blue Mind.


The Blue Marble project was started by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, marine biologist and neuro-conservation researcher. He found that a brain-change occurred whenever people looked at water, thought about water, or immersed themselves in water. The brain immediately activates a calming response to the entire body and all sensory functions became super-receptive. Finally, science is documenting what shamans, priests, mystics, and spiritual healers have known for millennia.  Dr. Nichols calls this sensory state, the “Blue Mind.” Why not create a way to keep humans “in love with water,” he asked, as any scientist would. The Blue Marble project was the answer.

Use your Blue Marble Pendulum to divine higher states of knowing through a cosmic connection to the heart of water.