12D Dice - Midnight Pearl Sets of 10

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These 12D are high quality dice with smooth rounded edges and white numbers. I am selling them in bags of 10 ea. These have 12 Numbers and can be used for divination, oracle work, and numerology. I use them in witch kits, water mysticism tools, altar objects, and mermaid oracles. Dice are a very mystical tool, used for thousands of years to predict the future or determine present influences. I also used them in an oracle board game and these are the extras. (I had to purchase hundreds at the time!) Throw one or several at a time and count up the numbers. Throw one and use it for future casting by month. Use the numbers to indicate high or low probabilities or percentages. Roll the dice to indicate the number of steps to take in an action game or various options in a multiple choice oracle. Use numerology to add a few throws and get a master reading. Be creative! Have fun! Express yourself. These are the powers of the three. (12=3)