Grace & Gratitude


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They are soft and gentle, resonating a whisper, not a shout.

Grace is a perception that touches every soul, religious or not. It is the feeling that we have achieved something profound and have survived it; or we experienced something remarkable that might otherwise threaten us. It also speaks to the moments we come to, when we have been forgiven for something we caused.


Grace is the moment when we realize we are completely alive, resonating harmoniously with all life around us. We understand ourselves better. We feel relief and release. And we experience deep gratitude. Grace & Gratitude together constitute a complete sense of well being having everything to do with spiritual connection.

A simple daily reminder using water blessings will life your spirit, open your heart, and you will feel the pulse of the universe joyously celebrating life all around you. This is the purest state of grace we can achieve.


Customer Testimonials

“Thank you for trusting me to test your new collection. I have been very pleased with these powerful ideas, and will continue to use them daily."
Marcia S., Portland, OR

"When my friend shared her water blessings with me one day at work, I felt an immediate rise in my awareness of all good things around. "
Mara T., Vancouver, WA