Hag Stone Pendant and Pendulum

Hag Stones can be any type of stone as long as they possess a natural hole through it (or multiple holes). They are considered to be a sacred object. Most are found in dry riverbeds or along the seashore. The action of running or moving water causes the erosion that results in the unique appearance of the stone. Sometimes it is a constant drip of water in the same place, over time, that creates the hole. Sometimes it is the presence of a small animal boring into the surface. Whatever natural force made the hole, a Hag Stone did not happen overnight. It took millennia for the focused erosion to occur. Over time, the wisdom of water was infused in the stone, and for most healers or mystics, the hag stone is their most trusted sacred object because it connects them to time ...  past, present, and future. A Hag Stone is an amazing protection amulet, and so much more.

Hag Stones are said to have many uses. They have been used by witches and mystics or shamans in every culture or wisdom tradition worldwide for centuries for both rituals and spell work. They also have been used to counteract a witch’s spell.  Legend has it they can be used to ward off evil, the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares but also they bring good luck.

Our Hag Stone Pendant is a simple stone without embellishment except for a topping bead on a Light colored vegan leather cord. The sliding knots allow the pendant to be worn at any length. Stones can be any color from sandstone to granite grey. They are created from our hand-collected specimens. Your necklace will be randomly selected to the energies present when the order is being filled. This means we divine the right stone for you. When you receive it, let it warm in the palm of your left hand. This is the gift of spirit as it transfers from me to you since I let the stone warm in my right hand before wrapping it. The circle of giving and receiving is complete when you wear your stone.

Your stone will not be the stone you see in this photo, and it might be of a different coloration. Each stone is different. Each is a unique artifact. Honor it for the wisdom it brings you.