Infinite Blessings

The four most beautiful words in the language of consciousness are in this collection – two of each to use or share. Caregivers and lightworkers use this collection to help awaken energies whenever they go. Use them in many places in your home or office. Make combinations using the additional words that accompany this collection. Infinite Blessings flow when you share these blessings where they are needed. Use them on the water cooler or bathroom mirror at work. People change when the blessings work subtle magic on the water. Bring some to the hospital and place them on IV containers, beside mirrors, or water glasses. They are well loved by patients & healers.

This collection was inspired by Dr. Darren Weissman and are used in his healing therapies based upon the powerful healing energies of Infinite Love and Gratitude.


Customer Testimonials

"Working with these simple concepts covers everything in my life."

Paul B., Illinois

"Everything is love and I am grateful I finally understood that. What could be more truthful? These blessings work." 

Cynthia W.,Redondo Beach, CA

"I worked with Dr. Weissman's book.I wish I had known about these blessing stickers sooner. But now I see evidence."
Carole T., Vancouver BC


"I put blessings on my food containers. I am dieting, but also healing. It helps me to think a sacred word before I eat something. I think this is part of the blessing, to change my outlook and change my health."
Geeta P., New South Wales, Australia