Kuan Yin Figurine Set

Kuan Yin Crossing the Ocean.
A miniature figurine exquisitely crafted in great detail by Mission Studios. Use on water altars, or any place that reminds you to be calm, compassionate and caring.

She represents the power and the softness of water, both extremes exists together naturally in oceans, rivers, and streams. The power of water is evident as it swirls around her feet while she stands her ground. In using this figurine on your altar, you are bringing the resonance of her power into your life and in all the decisions you make. Embued with Kuan Yin energy, we become naturally compassionate, while fierce and protective at the same time. 

She Who Sees and Hears the Cries of the World
As an archetype, the goddess Kuan Yin has no equal. She is considered the goddess of compassion. Of all the goddesses, she is most revered and beloved throughout the world. Buddha is said to have reincarnated into her form, working through her loving compassion and caring for a world that had been too long dominated by the masculine forces.

"Woman's work," the Buddhas all agreed. "Who but a gentle mother could ever dream of bringing boundless love and comfort to all the people, easing the inevitable pains of human life?"

Choose an altar figure alone or pair it with Compassionate Passion Water Blessing Labels.