Kuan Yin Figurine

She crosses the ocean with compassion and grace standing atop a dragon turtle.This tiny figure (2.5") tall stands perfectly radiant on a small altar or desk. She fits in a pocket, too, for those times when we need to carry compassion with us. The nimbus surrounding her head symbolizes her divinity and supernatural powers.The dragon turtle imparts courage, determination, fertility, longevity, power, success, and support.  She is imbued by these things and more as she moves through and above turbulence and calm. Use your figurine as a meditation piece to carry you through the ocean of your life.

Hand sculpted by artist Robin Noll and miniaturized by Mission Studios, Ashland, Oregon. This piece is a tiny work of art, showing all details crisp and clear.

Purchase the Kuan Yin Figure alone or with Kuan Yin Blessings.