Law of Attraction


When The Law of Attraction was introduced to popular culture, most people believed it would be an easy answer to all of their desires. Many were disappointed. There are definite processes the user needs to observe in casting a magnetic vortex that will attract what they want. The most important part is to allow all emotions to work as you think about your wishes. Feel what it would be like to have what you want. Let that growing, gnawing feeling become your mantra for attraction. The second most important element is to believe that you deserve to have your dreams come true. This vortex transports you into another reality where manifestation happens.

Master the power of transpersonal creativity then dream life situations and enhancements according to the needs and desires of the soul. What manifests is the result of clear and focused future visioning, spiritual & emotional devotion, and conscious creation. Open the vortex now. It is time.

Customer Testimonials

"I love that I can create so many different phrases out of this one collection. Genius."

Lily K., Glendale, CA

"Finally, something about the Law of Attraction makes sense! Thank you." 

Jen G., Santa Cruz, CA


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