Love Bottle®


Available only while supply lasts

This gracefully designed bottle was made in the USA using sustainable manufacturing practices and clean pure glass. The closure is a wire swing top so there is no loose cap to litter the environment. When it was designed, its intention was to become one of the safest and most ecologically progressive bottles available for drinking water. No more plastic in the land fill. No more chemical taste or lingering toxins. Some think glass is a hazard to tote around, but most people who use glass water bottles learn how to care for them so there is no breakage. I have had my Love Bottle for almost 10 years. It goes into the dishwasher. When the gasket is no longer sound, the replacements are easy to get and inexpensive. In 10 years I have never replaced a gasket. This shows how wise this water bottle is. We feature Love Bottle in our collections because we believe in creating a cleaner, safer ocean for our children. This is a small, but important step to changing our world. The price includes shipping.

Decorate your Love Bottle and put it on your altar. The power of water is enhanced by the loving energy you place in it.

10% of the profits from this product
support water causes through our non-profit: