MoonGlow Wishing Orb

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This is the modern version of a Genie in a Bottle. Our clear glass orb contains Quartz Crystal Chips to amplify the vibrations of the Universe as you write and roll your wishes into a scroll. Then place it on the bed of crystals. Place your Wishing Orb in the moonlight on a full moon night, or under the full lunar cycle either outside or in a window where the moon glow can affect your wishes. The magic of the moonlight carries your dreams into the cosmos where they can manifest. The gemstone collar around the bottle neck brings the natural earth vibrations.

Real Gemstone Collar includes:
Rose Quartz for Love
Citrine for Abundance
Clear Quartz for Everything
Amethyst For Wisdom & Spirituality
Obsidian For Personal Transformation
Carnelian for Creativity

Your MoonGlow Wishing Orb comes with pads of wishing papers, small rubber bands, and bamboo tweezers to help place and remove your wish scrolls.

Choose Turquoise or Silver Tassel.