Ocean Breeze Energy Mist

1 ounce spray

Our special Ocean Breeze Energy Mist is part of our newest Water Goddess Collection of jewelry, fragrance, and adornments. 

This 100% organic rejuvenating essential oil mist brings extra energy to the solar plexus and throat chakras. Blended exclusively for The Spirit of Water, it invigorates personal power and physical energy, clarity, and expression.

Each bottle contains tiny aquamarine and quartz crystals inside, giving an extra natural boost to the plant oils that are normally found living in ocean or beach environments. In addition, the blend contains Bergamot, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

Ocean Breeze room or body spray is reminiscent of refreshing ocean breezes. A mere spritz will wake up your senses and remind you of the power you possess within. Water Goddesses will love their special connection to the deep blue ocean and its powerful creative, nurturing, force through this energy mist.

Blended for The Spirit of Water exclusively by New Moon Beginnings.

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