Ocean of Light

This collection uses simple words and ideas to enhance the vast power of ancient spiritual wisdom. Grow deeper in a whole cosmic understanding of God, Great Spirits, and the Creation Source by opening the mind and heart to the power of light.

This is one of our most spiritual collections and whispers of the divine connection we have to the Creative Universe. When we breathe in these ideas and say them aloud, we not only benefit from the idea, but we also benefit from the vibrations we produce in our bodies when we say the phrases, and the vibrations we put into our drinking water. This is powerful esoteric vibrational healing at its most complex level, and together, thought, vibration, and sound open cosmic gateways to awareness and the enlightened state of One Love. Use these words in meditation or prayer. Place them where you can see them all the time. Soon a transformation takes place and the power of love becomes so evident.


Customer Testimonials

"I feel the power of these labels in a silent and deep way."

Plethe R., Boston, MA

"Our minister mentioned this collection in church today. I was surprised but also very happy because I have been using water blessings for years."
Marcella W., Culver City, CA