Om Mani Padme Hum Healing Set

 Glass Water Bottle, Blessing Coaster, Blessing Band
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The most sacred healing chant in the world uses ancient sanskrit words that represent sounds -- the sounds that resonate in our bodies for optimum healing. When we meditate or chant using those words, a healing field is formed and all within that field begin to vibrate to the perfect harmonic. The Coaster keeps the vibration active in drinking water. The blessing band provides a grip around which we can wrap the palm of the hand, a place on the body that is most receptive to healing vibrations. This set creates a full resonant healing practice when used together. Use separately for other influences. Never without power, these elements pulsate optimum health. Original Art designed by Shara Gardner.

OM - purification of the ego
MA - purification of jealousy or envy
NI - purification of passion
PAD - purification of ignorance
ME - purification of greed
HUM - purification of hatred