Om Water Coasters

Premium Sealed Paperboard - Set of 4

These coasters use beautiful images of water in various forms and are overlaid with the Ancient OM which symbolizes universal unity and creation. Most people respond to the symbol with a feeling of inner peace and outer connection to the cosmic forces of the universe. It is a symbol that is recognized all over the world though its original roots were from Hinduism.  

As for water,  brain researchers have revealed recently, the brain functions better when in or around water, while viewing images of water, or when looking at the color blue. Logic, creativity, problem-solving, social skills, and physical health are all influenced by connections to water either through actual touch, sight, smell, sound, or through visual and auditory reminders. Scientists call this the “Blue Mind.” This is all very technical, but we know that water has been our healer and has given us a sense of inner peace since time began. It pairs wonderfully well with OM, the universal symbol of both the  sound  and the spirit of  creation. We also know that water blessings work because we are 80% water and our intention produces vibrations that permeate our awareness. In fact, water shares its consciousness with us.

Water has always been treated as a holy healing substance and one that has brought about great personal transformation for as long as religions and wisdom traditions have existed. So, we say, enjoy your blessings when you use these coasters. Think of the times you have spent in or near water. Let the memories take you back to the best feelings you ever experienced, and let water and OM bring you inner peace, sharpened awareness, and generosity
of spirit.

Customer Testimonials

"What can I can say but, Ahhhhh-OM. These are so peaceful."
Sandie P., Santa Monica, CA

“I have one in each place, kitchen, living room, bedroom and in my office.
Can’t have too much peace .”
Marcia W., Ventura, CA

"I am always delighted when I set my mug down on one of these coasters. They fill me with a sense of joy."
Leticia B., Gig Harbor, WA

”It excites me to choose a new one every morning at my desk. I actually feel the water spirit when I gaze on it.”
Lisa D., Larkspur, CA