Deep Peace Blessing Set

Deep Peace is a gift we give ourselves. This set is a perfect for anyone since we all need to find our deepest sense of serenity. The set features 8 Water Blessing Labels that are personal enough to invoke feelings of inspiration, but non-specific about spiritual or self growth preferences. Honor your own peace vigil at night outdoors by creating an altar under the stars. Your cobalt blue glass tea light holder cradles a single burning flame to establish your inner fire among the cosmos. Fill your mystic blue beverage mug with hot tea, preferably an herbal blend to connect you to earth. Sip gently as you huddle in the dark. Your insulated mug will hold your blessings as the dove grey words resonate the blessings out to all beings. 

In this set, the Water Blessing Labels printed in Dove Grey, show up on any dark surface, including computer screens, mugs, dark bottles. To apply, wet the surface of the label completely and slide it into place. This prevents air bubbles from forming under the vinyl label and showing up on the dark surface.