Rasa Blessings

There are nine rasa that are essential aspects of mood and affect the flavor of expression. In yoga we learn that the expression of our subtle energies influence the health of body, mind, and spirit resulting in emotional colorings or moods based on cultural and personal backgrounds. To know the Rasas and how to use them to achieve emotional mastery is a deep yogic study of its own and can be practiced through our ability to express authentically, practically, and artistically.

In using the Rasa for sound or movement, focus the mind on a particular emotion that brings deeply held feelings to the surface. Induce the Rasa that closely matches the feelings, and express it fully in that mood or mind-set. Professional singers do this. So do actors. The resulting performance for self or others will resonate with truth and help free those emotions in all who experience the flavor of their personal expression.

The Nine Rasas are: Love, Joy, Wonder, Courage, Peace, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. This collection explores these moods through the blessing words and descriptions.