Sacred Geometry Gift Set - 25 oz Bottle

The cosmic influence of Sacred Geometry changes our perceptions on the level of DNA. These symbols have been observed in our natural world, in our bodies, and in the configuration of planetary influences and deep space. When we use them on our water, their influence is subtle, but powerful for healing, balancing, and connecting to a wider dimensional influence.

The 25 oz. bottle is a gentle soft violet and shows off the symbol blessings perfectly, which you can change in infinite configurations according to your intuition. The 25 oz. size keeps two cups of coffee or tea hot or chilled beverages cold for up to 24 hours. Use as your main water bottle for extra hydration during yoga, spin, or other rigorous physical activities. Switch out the symbols you want every day, or leave them on for a while. At the top of the bottle, we added a quartz crystal necklace with a small silver tassel to attract beneficial cosmic vibes. The bottle, Blessing Labels, and Bottle Adornment create a mindful gift that will please any metaphysical thinker on your gift list.