Crone Sea Eagle Altar Card


“O transforming Goddess of Resurrection
Transmute all form into oneness with Thee
Help me release my attachment so I rise in ascension
Heaven comes to Earth through me.” 


Using elements of water, and shades of blue and aqua, honor the water spirit in yourself by calling in the strength of Crone Sea Eagle to assist you during powerful times of release and shift. She will expertly lead the way through the murky depths of your personal underworld. Call on this Goddess of Resurrection for your heart and Soul to be lifted and transformed into a new and higher frequency. Come free of the oppression you have self-imposed on your Being, and fully express the uniqueness of your genuine self! Now is the time to welcome change and the renewal and resurrection it brings!

These beautiful cards...

feature the beautiful imagery of Katherine Skaggs, with inspirations from her, and Mythical Goddess Tarot author Sage Holloway. They bring not only beauty, but the frequency of the Divine into your presence, refocusing you into the water-heart spaces that create peace and happiness for all Water Women. 

Each 5×7″ altar card is professionally printed on 15 pt. card stock with a superior finish uv coating (which will be either in gloss or satin matte).