Full Moon Gazing Orb

Beautiful Full Moon Hanging Ornament
4" Blown Glass - Aqua and White

For millions of years, people have looked to the nighttime sky to the glowing moon and let their minds wander over possibilities, problems, and solutions. Creativity soars like shooting stars in the sky. The full moon brings soothing and healing affects when we take time to gaze at glowing surface. What if you can't watch a full moon rising? Hang this orb in a window or place on your altar. (see orb with stand - place the loop at the bottom or at the backside) Let your mind use the orb as a symbol for the real moon.

Your mind naturally relaxes when you gaze at this moon. Find your respite and healing in this beautiful orb. It looks just like the effervescent reflective and slightly irridescent. Completely enchanting. Use your orb for MOON RITUALS. If the intention is there, the magic is there, too.