Glass Orb - 4" Sea Blue Mystic Ball

4" Blown Glass Hanging Ornament

In the tradition of mystics, and sea lovers, gazing at illusions of water open the mind to a space of pure wisdom and psychic knowing.  Hang this blown glass orb on your altar and use it to guide your meditation.

This glass orb is clear with pools of blue and green in the bottom. Strands of glass rise to the top like sea weeds and other ocean plants floating in the water. The thin glass strands inside look like trees - trees of life - and act as a net, catching important ideas and psychic messages.

Hang the ball outside or inside. Outside, use it as a Witch Ball. It t
ransforms negative energies into the positive. Some think the tradition of hanging balls on a Christmas tree comes from the pagan tradition of hanging orbs on a tree to ward off evil spirits. On your altar, it acts as a collector for your positive energy. This beautiful glass orb holds great mystery and power.