Shibori Blue Sarong

The art of Shibori originated in Japan and dates back to to 600 BC. In more recent decades, tie-dye using psychedelic colors became wildly popular to unite the hippie generation. But the Japanese blue Shibori has maintained a deep connection and representation of water, creating an artistic statement and a spiritual expression. In ancient times, Shibori art was used for royalty, but most often today, is used for lifestyle expression.  This wearable art was created to be used as a sarong and was hand tie-dyed using eco-friendly indigo dyes on soft 100% cotton. It is easy to wear at the beach or home. Use it as a wrap or throw by the pool. The flowing indigo lines remind the subconscious mind of the flow of water or the ripples on the surface. It is an indispensible item to take traveling.  
Size: 36" x 72"