By using only a single word to focus our universal creative energy (instead of longer affirmations, visualization, and other processes) it gives the energy a laser-like focus and power in the present moment. As a result, the entire creation process of manifesting desires became easier and more effective. Think of the Switchword as a SYMBOL for a larger thought or concept. It short-circuits a longer pathway to the brain and goes immediately to the action center.

How to Use Switchwords

  1. Put your attention on your desired goal or outcome.
  2. Verbally or mentally repeat the appropriate switchword.
  3. Let go and allow the subconscious mind to create the desired results.

After letting go, you may receive an inner prompting and inspiration to take some specific action; or the intended results may happen while focused on some other activity.

The Advanced Technique for Switchwords

The advanced technique is to combine two or more switchwords together when repeating.

Shunyam Nirav, author of Switchwords: Easily Give to You Whatever You Want in Life, has studied and used switchwords extensively since 1975. He recommends using longer chains of switchwords for certain types of experiences where you can give the necessary attention to affirm the entire chain easily.

His formula for a switchword chain is:

Together - Divine - [specific switchword] - Be - Now - Done

Inside the package is an additional reference card for more switchword possibilities.