The Spirit of Water® represents the flow of sacred ideas, using water as a metaphor. But it also represents the infinitely deep connection we have with water as we use this precious resource for life, healing, insight, creativity and love. The Spirit of Water is a creative outlet that represents my deep and emotional love of water and all its properties. I write about water, teach about water, and share my love of water with all visitors to this site; and through all my product offerings, the love of water is the primary focus. As such, my website might appear to be mainly a shopping cart filled with packages of words; but it is largely selling the potential of inner peace, love, joy, and gratitude as it can be achieved through water.

The Spirit of Water represents my desire to save this precious resource for all beings on Planet Earth and I offer blogs and articles about that. I also share articles about water and its healing properties, its spiritual qualities, and its ability to balance and calm us.

Without water, there is no life. We all share this reality whether we are rich or poor. The sale of my products help support organizations and foundations that work to change our understanding of water and support its wellbeing so all can thrive. More than selling Water Blessing Labels, I am selling love, joy, and inner peace to a thirsty world.

Like the flow of water, the flow of ideas or sacred energies pass through body, mind & spirit and affects our own lives, but also the flow passes through us and enters the commons where intention is received molecularly or cellularly by every living thing. We all share the emotions and intentions of an entire planet just like we all share every drop of water in all its forms around the world. Knowing this, we assume a greater sense of responsibility for the condition of our thoughts and the condition of our water.

From water, we receive insight, enlightenment, or healing. Ask anyone where he or she would like to go when they are troubled, and their answer usually indicates a special watery place. Water carries our energies outward as well as inward; and blends them with the other energies it picks up along the way back to the ocean, whether we are speaking of world oceans, or seas of consciousness. The return to source is guaranteed. At some point, all water returns to a pool of mass consciousness. We know there is vast resonance in our thoughts that move in and out of our lives through the water we consume and the water we care about.

Many of us learn to love water because of those sacred or holy energies it shares with us. Water changes our feelings from confusion, into calm, peaceful, respite.

Consider that we were conceived and thrived in water until we received enough knowledge to enter the physical world. Where did that knowledge come from? Water.

We continue to thrive because we maintain certain levels of water inside us; but our hearts and minds expand because we subconsciously remember a time when we swam in the vast and glorious – sacred – properties of water.  We expand in our spiritual awareness because we have learned the basic parameters of love... loving the natural world first. Loving the natural world first, we learn to love others. We treasure water and endeavor to keep it safe, clean, and available to all life forms. Many people forget this enormous love and ultimately fail humanity and planetary life by poisoning water in unconscious ways. No one wants to do this deliberately, but it happens when there is a disconnect between the illusions of physical existence and the spiritual and emotional connections we have to water. Seen or unseen, love is always present in us; and water always reflects those thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

When we put our blessings into the water we drink, the vibration of the messages, whether they are spoken, prayed, or contemplated, flow outward and the recipient benefits infinitely.

Transform Water into Liquid Prayers™

Using positive and inspired word labels to define your intentions, you simply place one or more words on your water bottle or drinking glass and the vibration of those ideas inspire sacred intentions to come alive within you. You bless yourself with that particular intention, and at the same time, you are also sharing that blessing potential with all life – and water moves it along to the waiting world. You are casting an enormous healing prayer for the health and wellness of all oceans, rivers, streams and creeks – and all living things along the path. All Water and All love supports All Life.

As we think more seriously about eliminating plastic pollution and other toxins in all the world's oceans, there may seem to be a disconnect between the our use of plastic labels for prayer, and the plastic debris that ends up poisoning the planet. For this reason, we steadfastly advocate you use only reusable water bottles. Even though we do use a static cling plastic on our labels, we value the messages we promote and their ultimate goal to heal, inspire, and enlighten becomes a higher calling. We believe others will feel this way, too. The labels stay in place for as long as a user is inspired. The labels, when no longer wanted, are infinitely re-usable and you can pass them to another. Otherwise, they are recyclable. Most people keep our labels securely on their bottles for years, and when disposed of, they consciously recycle with other plastics.

If you love water, as I do, show your love by doing the right thing... choose a reusable water bottle instead of bottled water in single-use plastic bottles. Do it because you love water. Do it because you love yourself.

Make your reusable Water Bottle into a portable Sacred Altar
when you endow it with Water Blessing Labels®.

Water Bottle Examples

Please help us to see fewer plastic water bottles in the ocean, in rivers, lakes, or beaches. Thinking about our own personal health, and give those same considerations to marine life or shore life so creatures can eat from their natural healthy food chain, not from the garbage chain. We encourage you to help the whole world by using a water bottle and re-filling it with fresh water every day – a bottle that has been blessed with your love and devotion.

As for the bottle you choose, we love glass and we sell two types, but you can purchase your special bottle anywhere. Keep it forever, and change your blessings as often as you want. I thank you, and Water thanks you.

We do more than sell labels and gifts... 

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