Water Blessing Labels were first influenced by the pioneering work of Dr. Masaru Emoto as he researched the way water demonstrates consciousness and its ability to respond to our thoughts. His work and the practice of blessing water, as featured in the movie, "What the Bleep do we know?" inspired The Spirit of Water partners to create themed label collections for specific uses and for most healing situations.

The Spirit of Water, began creating water blessing labels in 2003 and hasn't stopped since then. We have sold close to 2 million blessings all over the world, and yet, there is never an end to the water blessings we can use and share as people continue to trust the power of blessing their lives and each other through their water and the waters of the world. Dr. Emoto's work with Hado – the spirit in all things – has convinced us blessings can and do work in amazing and profound ways. A blessing lasts forever when we continue to give it our focused intention. We are grateful for Dr. Emoto's contribution to the world.