Chakra Gifts

Notice the theme colors in our collections. Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven are represented by red and purple which are significant color vibrations honoring the balance of life. Our Chakra items provide healing energies on many levels, from the etheric (prayer and blessings), to the physical (body healing using sacred stones, candles, jewelry.) In our collections, we focus on the inherent rights that each balanced Chakra gives us or deprives us of when out of balance. 

Chakras are areas of the physical body that serve as energy portals to receive healing and balancing vibrations from outside our third dimensional existence. The wisdom of Chakras has been used for at least 5000 years in India. Most yoga practices awaken or increase Chakra energies. When using water as a ceremonial substance relative to each Chakra, the water in our bodies responds to the vibrational cues each Chakra influences. Read about each Chakra and learn how to best keep your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies in balance.

A complete guide to the Chakras follows in this article: Detailed Chakra Guidance BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE CHAKRA SYMBOLS TO OPEN INFORMATION ABOUT EACH ONE.