"I put them all over my kid's water bottles, too. I let them pick what they want to use each day. I think it helps them think better about their day." 
Bonnie S., St. Louis, MO


"I got the Prosperity set as a gift. My sister didn't know how good that gift was. My life is changing financially, and I believe it is all because of the blessings. They work." 
Scott L., Marco Island, FL

"I gave them to all my friends for Christmas. They loved them.
Carol N., Alberta, CN "

"They are everywhere in my house, even on the shower doors. I love seeing  messages everywhere I look. " 
Annie P., Madison, TN

"They are brilliant. I've been cutting paper and taping them on my bottles. Yours are so elegant!" 
Myra H., NSW, Aust.

"I love the idea of choosing my own reality. The blessings help me remember what I want. They are just great! "
Rosy W., Toronto, CN

"Everyone should use them to help lose weight. I didn't even diet. I just visualized like the label says. Now, 20 lbs. gone!" 
Deborah P, Houston, TX

"I love these labels! I keep a bunch on hand.Whenever I have guests, I send them home with a few." 
Katherine L., New York, NY

"I celebrated my divorce by getting these labels and putting them all around my house. Now I say what I want in my future by what I am creating in every moment. It is very powerful." 
Constance K., Sydney, Aust

"These are a great idea. I cut up some of the words to make my own sentences." 
Bobbie C., Key West, FL

"My daughter sent me some healing word blessings while I was going through chemo. I kept my focus on the positive thoughts. I have been remission for 2 years. I need some new words now!"
Margo B., Seattle, WA