Water is the power of life within each of us and all around us. It is the power of movement and change. When we use Water Blessings, which are words of intention, our water becomes activated as a powerful influence for healing, transformation, and growth.  Dr. Emoto showed us how water carries messages in its molecules. Today, there is proof we can use special words and water to expand our minds and dreams. And that’s not all water can do for us.

New research proves our brains become highly activated whenever we see water or recognize anything that reminds us of water – colors, patterns, sounds, or movements. This is called "Blue Mind," and the reason why most of our products are blue, symbolize water, or work with water. It’s because we all want to function better and more effectively. Think of all the possibilities this can mean for you.

We are excited to offer you a curated store for those who love water like we do. More than 75% of our products are original items produced only for The Spirit of Water and many of them support clean water projects with profits. Visit our Water Spirit Boutiques and see ocean and water gifts for goddesses, water-lovers, and wild water mystics. Check out the 30+ theme collections of Water Blessing Labels®.

Inspirational Labels, spiritual tools, sacred objects, or adornments, find what you need to empower your life!

Change is not easy. Start here.