Static cling attaches easily and quickly to most smooth surfaces.  Use on drinking glasses or water bottles; shower tiles or shower doors; mirrors, windows,  or candles.

We all know life doesn’t always go smoothly. Since not all containers are smooth either, we have put together some options:

  • Make a continuous band of blessings and attach them end-to-end around any surface.
  • Use a blank piece of static cling (a Bottle Wrap Band is included in each package) and attach it end to end, then place blessings on the top, or underside.
  • Use our Reflective Memory Coil Band to create a smooth surface and place blessings on it.
  • Use our aqua blue Blessing Band, a silicone covered memory coil band with an OM and Buddhist blessing already etched into the silicone
  • Put blessings on a Slicker Sticker™ included in each package.
  • Use a bottle necklace and put your blessings on the hang tag (coming soon)
  • Put Sacred Symbols inside the "holes" on silicone covered water bottles. The holes act as windows, allowing the light and water to shine through. (see photo above and below)

We are all unique.  Which is why The Spirit of Water has created so many water blessing choices, so you can find the right intentions for the changes you want to make. 

Don’t just wish for change in your life.

Decide what you need. Take the next step.